Men of Business is the brainchild of a select group of influential business owners on the Gold Coast who recognized that there are more than 500 teenage boys who fall through the cracks of the system each year on the Gold Coast alone.

Most programs designed to help, have rigid criteria and inflexible hours. The MOB joined forces with Ohana Career Pathways to pay something back by 'paying it forward' to the next generation.

The fundamentals of a balanced lifestyle have been synergized into a highly energetic and interactive mentoring program based on healthy lifestyles and attitudes that define the participant's journey toward manhood.

Dedicated individuals deliver personal training, one on one mentoring and life coaching, with goals and outcomes derived on a case by case basis. The program is designed to fit around education hours and also assists with job placement.

The MOB's goal is to grow this vital program across the Gold Coast region. Like all programs of this type however, it receives only a small percentage of its running costs from Government, and therefore needs your support.


All of our trainers are from The Healthy Lifestyle Club on the Gold Coast.
The Healthy Lifestyle Club is located on Upton Street in Bundall and offers a range of Personal Training, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy and Health Assessments.
Their trainers specialise in

  • strength and conditioning
  • sports performance
  • muscle gain
  • weight loss
  • power, speed and agility
  • and sports specific training

To find out more about the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, go to the website www.hlclinic.com.au

Board Members

Marco Renai
Marco Renai
Our CEO Marco Renai, leads the organization creating the business plan, the vision and the passion for the team to follow. Marco founded the MOB in 2011 after volunteering for Youth at Risk in Government programs. After realising that there was no specific male youth at Risk tailored programs he went back to his business community and piloted the first MOB program. The program has currently mentored over 1000 Gold Coast youth and is licensing chapters Australia wide to support Youth at Risk and Men’s Health. He has been in business on the Gold Coast for 22 years and is passionate about creating better futures for the youth of today.
Paul Lathourus
Paul Lathourus
I’ve always felt very fortunate in life, four healthy children and successful businesses in the construction industry. Up until 2009 it seemed nothing much could go wrong, then all hell broke loose in one year. I was diagnosed with cancer, lost my father, had major back surgery and lost my marriage, all within a space of 12 months. A year like that certainly provides an opportunity to reflect on how fortuitous our lives can be and a healthy slap in the face about the way all our lives are thrown into turmoil at one point in time or another. My directorship with MOB has allowed me to share in my life experiences to connect with young men who are lacking in opportunities of growth and life skills. MOB requires you to bare your true self, and with a degree of authenticity you can connect with young minds and maybe, just maybe offer some encouraging truths about the opportunities that lay before them.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott
Tony is the CEO of one of the Gold Coast’s most successful and long established marketing and creative agencies, Quadrant Creative. He has 30 years of experience specializing in results driven advertising and marketing across a diverse mix of industries including property, retail, leisure, local government and tourism. As CEO he has developed a distinct partnership approach to working with Quadrant’s national client base from their headquarters in Burleigh.
Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins
Mike is a local business owner who has lived on the Gold Coast for over 30 years and has been involved with MOB for 5 years as a mentor and director. His whole work career has been involved with hospitality and retail. He operates a number of McDonald’s Franchises in the northern Gold Coast and employs approximately 400 young people. He has three kids between ages 15 and 29. Mike has a passion in guiding young people through their teenage years which he sees as the most volatile period of their lives.
Kamila Karwaj
Kamila Karwaj
National Business Manager, Men of Business
Administrates MOB and runs our marketing. They also look after the communications across all engaged parties. Kamila Karwaj has been on the Gold Coast for 8 years, coming from Brisbane. She has over 15 years high level corporate Administration and Executive Assistant experience. Over 5 years as a Personal Trainer with her own business, Kamila shows experience in training, group fitness and business. As an Athletics Australia Running and Sporting Schools Coach, she has experience in working with children as young as 2 years of age through to teens. She is passionate and committed to help individuals maximise their potential.
Damien Gow
Damien Gow
Program Facilitator, Men of Business
Damien comes from spending 13 years in the Australian Army where he first learned to instruct. Over that time, he was able to sharpen his instructor skills by doing everything from teaching recruits when they first join the Army to instructing and mentoring more senior members in promotion courses. Whilst doing this he discovered a passion for both health and fitness as well as helping people. With MOB Damien has been able to combine two of his greatest passions and help these young men become better versions of themselves.


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